Ref. : ZD
Mark : Satisform®
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Width: 62 cm - length: 106 cm - height: 135 cm - weight: 90 kg - max load: 150 kg
Amplitude adjustment - 100/230 V - 50/60 Hz - power: 70 W

The ZENDOS® relaxes all the muscles in the back area and pelvis.

It releases muscles spasms and provides an analgesic care, in the comfort. Its use is recommended for prevention of back pain as well as therapeutic care to reduce the pain.

It mobilizes the person in a sitting position, by exerting perfectly regular inclinations, with adjustable amplitude.

Le ZENDOS® relaxe autant qu’il assouplit tous les muscles de la région du dos et du bassin. Une récupération profonde accessible à tous avec le ZENDOS®

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